Monica Powell

software engineer, content creator & community organizer

Hi, I'm Monica! Welcome to my digital playgroundbicycle icon. I'm passionate about making contributing to open-source more approachable, creating technology to elevate people, and building community. You can find me building educational technology as a software engineer at Newsela, teaching web development on this site as well as on Egghead, contributing to open-source projects and tending to React Ladies, a community I founded for women and non-binary React developers.

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Appearances Invite Me To Speak

Some of my favorite guest appearances on podcasts and livestreams

Hanselminutes Podcast with Scott Hanselman

Learn with Jason Webmention + Next.js
Did you know that Webmentions let you pull tweets, other blogs, and other activity from around the web into your site? In this episode of Learn with Jason, I walk through how to add it to a Next.js site!

Egghead Podcast Personal Growth From Open-Source And Meetups
A conversation with Joel Hooks of about my journey to becoming a web developer and becoming a tech community organizer.

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