Journey to learn Ruby on Rails in 4 weeks!

Why Ruby on Rails?

I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to expose myself to a new language, as things shouldn’t be too busy for me over the next 4 weeks.  This month I am challenging myself to get more familiar with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Rails is a powerful web framework. Some popular websites that use Rails are Twitter, Shopify, GitHub,Hulu, Urban Dictionary, Scribd, Shopify and

Last month, I went to a 2-day RailsBridge NYC  workshop which was my first introduction to Ruby. The first day consisted of an Installfest that was a couple of hours long and the next day was spent learning about Ruby and creating a voting Rails app, Suggestotron view my repo | view RailsBridge tutorial. I really enjoyed playing around with Rails and seeing the relationship between Ruby, HTML, CSS and the database. I know that Rails cannot be mastered in a month but I would like to get my feet as wet as possible, so that I continue learning into next semester and beyond. By this time next month, I would like to be comfortable enough to use Rails for prototypes and full-fledged projects.


Ruby is a programming language. (Ruby on) Rails is a framework for websites that’s is built in the Ruby language.

My personal schedule to get familiar with Ruby:

You can follow my progress with this challenge at CodeNewbie Discourse or on GitHub and even join in. I hope to be sharing repos in the next couple of weeks 🙂 Each week I will be going through learning resources for Ruby and/or actually building.


Practice (or iteration) makes perfection.

Jennifer Dewalt increased her web development skills by building 180 websites in 180 days.  Check out her websites here.

Jeremy Monroe, a designer taught himself rails in 12 weeks by building 12 different web apps. Check out his story and video tutorials here:  How I finally learned to build stuff with Rails (Medium).

Join in or follow along!

Do you have some free time over the next month? If so, I encourage you to create your own version of the 4 week challenge and post updates here. You can follow my progress on GitHub. Here’s a post I wrote after Week Two of learning Ruby on Rails.



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