Hello 2015! Goals for the Year

goals2014 was an exciting year! I grew more serious about coding and getting others, especially women, involved in coding. I really enjoyed discovering a sense of community with others interested in tech from local meetups to #CodeNewbie to Hackathon Hackers. I became a co-founder of Athena Digital Design Agency, a web development agency that teaches college women how to code. I also took my first computer science class which is something I avoided for a while but, it was an enjoyable experience and I’ll be starting Data Structures in a couple weeks along with another CS class.  I’m looking forward to an even more exciting year in 2015 and have started writing out my goals for the upcoming months.

So far my goals for 2015 are:

  1. Blog more, I’d love to share more with you in addition to keeping track of what I do, especially if it’s related to problem-solving. I also hope to write more tutorials.
  2. Convince more people to go to their first Hackathon =D In 2014, I was able to bring a few friends to a couple of Hackathons. This year I’d love to bring more friends along 🙂 I also am hoping to actually plan a design-themed Hackathon.
  3. Code more with friends, last year I discussed organizing informal, coding sessions with friends but that only ended up happening in an impromptu manner.
  4. Actually finish a coding book from cover-to-cover as opposed to just using it as a reference.
  5. Write cleaner code by using methods and actually not repeating myself. I took my first programming class in 2014 which, helped me to understand better the confusion that messy or repetitive code encourages.
  6. Contribute to an Open-Source Project on GitHub, by blogging more and overall being more active in the community.
  7. Learn Ruby AND Rails. I’m currently trying to learn as much about Ruby as possible with a 4 week challenge. However, I want to make an effort to extend this goal beyond the next couple of weeks and make a year-long effort to build web apps with Ruby. I’ve been interested in web development for a while but so far have been more focused on the front-end side.

What are your goals for 2015?



Monica started Black Tech Diva to document her journey of learning more about programming and web development. If you'd like to chat, feel free to tweet her: @waterproofheart.

  • Awesome goals, keep at it.

    • Thanks Brian, I will!

  • I really like the goal “Actually finish a coding book from cover-to-cover”. I don’t think I’ve ever done this either. Let me know what you end up reading. Good luck for 2015!

    • Thanks Jono for checking out my goals. I’ll be sure to update about the book(s) I end up reading. I am interested in actually thoroughly reading Duckett’s JavaScript/jQuery book which I purchased a few months ago.